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Visitors and exhibitors to KT&SMEs Expo, from a number of countries require a visa to enter Kuwait. We strongly recommend that you begin your visa application process as early as possible. An up-to-date list of all countries that do and do not require a visa is available from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.


The eVisa system allows persons wishing to enter the State of Kuwait on a visit visa to obtain their tourist visa online prior to arrival.

Interested applicants need to visit the website, read the terms and conditions, fill in the required information and attached a copy of the traveler’s passport. Upon receiving the application, the system sends an automatic confirmation message. Meanwhile, the visa officer will review the application and process it according to applicable terms and conditions. In case of approval, the applicant receives an approval notification with the Visa Reference Number; otherwise, a rejection email will be sent by email.Upon arrival, the successful applicant should stop at the eVisa Counter at the Kuwait International Airport or at the designated sea or land entry ports to pay the fees and obtain an official printout of the eVisa.

The eVisa system covers holders of the below passports:

Ireland, Portugal, the Vatican, United States of America, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Finland, Laos, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Andorra, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Japan, Brunei, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia, Slovakia, San Moreno, France, Switzerland, Swaziland, Canada, Cambodia, Cyprus, Vietnam, Lithuania, Latvia, South Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Monaco.

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