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Maker Faire Kuwait

Web Site:

The web site contains detailed information about MakerFaire and the timings of the event, method and conditions for registration, specific pages designated for photographs, reports and live broadcasting throughout the period of the event.

The Exhibition Application

Maker Faire Kuwait
This is a specifically application designed for smart mobile phones. It allows the participants to upload video clips about their projects to be reviewed by an ad hoc committee. The application also contains the following features:

  • Exhibition and display timings.
  • Registering an account for the “Maker” and following up the status of his project.
  • Sending alerts and notifications to users about the Exhibition activities and events.
  • Writing and reading articles and reports on the various activities of the Exhibition.
  • The ability to evaluate the Exhibition and projects and to send suggestions.
What will the MakerFaire include?

The exhibition is divided into two sections:

  • The Projects Section
  • Workshops and Leisure Games Section
First: The Projects Section

This section includes all the projects that will be attended by the “Makers”, to be classified in the following fields:

  • Industrial Engineering Projects
  • Scientific Projects
  • Technical Projects
  • Educational Projects
  • Leisure Projects
Second: The Workshops

The Exhibition will host several technical and trade workshops as follows:

  • Soldering Workshop
  • 3D Printing Workshop
  • Robotics Workshop(Ebot8)
  • 3D Drawing Workshop
  • Laser Cutting Workshop
  • Trade Workshop for Children
Global Spread of MakerFaire

The MakerFaire will be held in 45 countries around the world during 2017, and the number of visitors is expected to exceed 1.5 Million.

MakerFaire – Kuwait, was the first such exhibition to be held in the Middle East.

What is MakerFaire?

MakerFaire is a global event for the display of ideas in all fields of human endeavor such as engineering, technical, trades, education and leisure.

MakerFaire basically seeks to promote the idea of manufacturing (making) to all members of society by simplifying this concept and presenting idea in pleasant ways designed to increase the visitor’s curiosity. Studies have shown that curiosity motivates the brain to learn and makes the learning process more feasible. It also makes learners more ready and earnest to learn what that may perceive as difficult or boring.

What is the Maker Movement?

The Maker Movement is a movement that arose in the USA in 2005 after (Make) Magazine, which is specialized in the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) activity, had published its first issue. This was followed, soon afterward, by the establishment of a group interested in DIY, technological, scientific, artistic and other spheres that eventually led to a new DIY and Digital Industry movement, away from the traditional consumer concept.

Former US President, Barak Obama, hosted the Exhibition at the White House, thereby underlining its importance within the global industrial movement. He summarized the Exhibition by saying:

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