Reason to visit

KT&SMEs is the region’s leading face-to-face knowledge based business platform, if your business connects with the knowledge industry, if you interested in developing and scaling your business then you need to be at KTEXPO.

KT&SMEs expo is very keen to deliver real business opportunities for entrepreneurs from across the world to start-up their business journey, and offering the chance for local and foreign companies to expand their market share also provides an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to spark their business journey

More than just a regional annual event, KT&SMEs has so much more to tell you about knowledge transferring. 


The KT&SMEs is the global business meeting for knowledge transfer across small and medium enterprises, attracting serious entrepreneurs. The event provides a B2B and crucial entry access into the market for exhibitors, enabling them to develop their business, market share and network with a wide range of entrepreneurs as well existing SMEs who are ready either to kick off or expand their business in a professional and attractive environment. 

So by participating you are guaranteed to gain actual and real avenue to the global knowledge based industry professionals, ensuring your concepts and businesses will be booming in 2017 and beyond.

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Quick Support