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Why Exhibit

Kuwait Expo 2018 reaches across global markets to bring together thousands of highly qualified entrepreneurs ready to do business.


The Kuwait Expo 2018 reaches across global markets and bring together thousands of highly qualifies entrepreneurs ready to do business. A huge array of international suppliers, partners, and franchisors present state-of-the-art innovation, technology, and knowledge based products and services, allowing entrepreneurs wider exposure to different investing opportunities and serving as a one-stop shop for all their research needs.

Benefits of Exhibiting at Kuwait Expo 2018

Kuwait Expo 2018 is a unique opportunity for businesses to increase their exposure, develop new networks, increase their profitability, and expand market share. It grants exhibitors the change to share knowledge and experiences, identifying mutual opportunities for growth and success.

1. Business-Friendly Environment

Bolstered by a total capital of KD 2 billion (USD 6.6 billion), the Kuwaiti government established a National fund for SME development to support entrepreneurs and existing SMEs. The National Fund for SME’s aims to drive economic growth through creating business friendly environments by building an inclusive, collaborative and innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurs to lay the foundation for economic opportunities in Kuwait.

2. Profitable Interaction

One-on-one access to thousands of entrepreneurs and SME’s eager to learn how your products and services can help their organization succeed in today’s competitive market.

3. The Industry’s Premier Exhibition

Kuwait Expo 2018 is the leading knowledge transfer in the GCC market, with three days of business showcases and knowledge transfer in vast sectors including oil and gas, ICT, public health, cosmetics, manufacturing, amongst others. This makes Kuwait Expo 2018 the perfect opportunity for networking and generating business leads in the region.

4. Connect

Learn how various SME’s are working together to pilot new initiatives, and plan your company’s marketing strategy to appeal to these new and emerging industry markets.

5. Build Your Network

Kuwait Expo 2018 is the perfect venue to meet the makers and movers of the industry, and to introduce them to you products and services. Capitalize on this unique opportunity to build a sophisticated business network.

Exhibiting Space

Exhibition floor plan

Booth Size Price (5 days)
3m x 4m USD $ 750

Event Partners

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